Inkling is for human-first organisations. Organisations that understand that working with people (both employees and clients) is central to success. Organisations that need to help, heal, inspire or connect on a human level every single day. Organisations that have large teams with many working parts that require aligning and motivating to be productive and profitable. Organisations with a highly scrutinised public profile that need to show to the world they’re not just another greedy corporation, but real people with a real purpose.

Right now, you know you want to become a high-performance brand that breeds success. That means creating demand for your service. Driving internal culture change and alignment. Finding more employees that fit with your organisational culture, values, priorities and behaviours. But you’re tired of guessing. You want to remove risk from the process and replace it with evidence based, actionable insights that allow you to make hard decisions that make a tangible, positive impact in the market.




Enough is enough. You can no longer afford to stand helplessly idle as your competitors up the ante and steal your thunder. You’re losing traction, missing opportunities, bleeding sales. The old way isn’t working. Deep down you know you need to become more customer focussed, reinvigorate your culture, and engage your staff and clients in new ways – trouble is, you don’t know how. You’ve realised you need a circuit breaker beyond your internal capability to inject a fresh ‘outside-in’ perspective that will help propel the organisation forward. You’re ready to take a leap, putting your trust in Inkling to take you on an exploratory journey of realisation through discovery, taking care of development and delivery of your marketing and communications, from a new website to updated collateral. It may seem daunting now, but you’re reassured by what’s to come – a reenergised team with new way of seeing things, opening a path to success that wins the hearts, minds, hands and feet of key stakeholders.


So, your business is ‘on the nose’? At least that’s the word on the street. True or not, you can’t escape the feeling that your rivals are leaving you behind. What happened? How did you end up here? It’s not like you’re wet behind the years - you know your industry and product like the back of your hand. You’re damn good at what you do. Maybe even the best. Why can’t they see it? Despite being busy running the business, you’ve tried to market your products better, albiet with poor results (a dedicated marketing manager might help – if you could afford it). One day you wake up and realise you’re out of your depth. You need to find an agency you can trust. Inkling’s Success Based Thinking opens your eyes to what a high performing brand really looks like. Product and price is just the beginning – the real solution lies in addressing and shaping market perceptions. Armed with this intel, you’re ready to make the big decisions that revitalise your team, reimagine your product packaging, and communicate more effective appeals that reduce consumer barriers and increase sales conversions.


Right now, everything is shiny and new. You’re edgy, innovative and enthusiastic, passionate about how your new product or service can fulfil an unmet market opportunity – and you want the whole world to know. As a first mover and disrupter, it’s in your nature to think and behave differently. You’re acutely aware that what people think of your business matters, and the advantage that accurately understanding a customer group and market more intimately than competitors creates. What you don’t know is what a ‘brand’ actually is, so you can’t translate your startup’s benefits into revenue-raising marketing. You need to move quickly to fully capitalise on the opportunity. Inkling’s Success Based Thinking gives you clarity for how to position your brand as a high performance organisation from inside out, allowing you to build an internal culture that aligns with your external market appeals, and ensuring you engage and build loyalty from the get-go.


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