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Success Based Thinking

Brand Strategy + Competitive Advantage

Positioning Statement + Brand Story + Key Messages

Visual Identity + Full Document Suite

Environmental Building Design

Website Design + Build + ongoing Care Plan

Customer Research + Report + Recommendations

Proposition Development + Idea Development + Rollout

Event Activations + Launch

Annual Reports + RAPs + Media Releases + Stakeholder Bios.


Appreciating everyone experiences their own unique circumstances leading them to where they are today, Accordwest is a Bunbury based social services provider with a long history of grassroots community support and advocacy, supporting clients experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. Knowing ‘Every Story Matters’ guides organisational mission, client experience, market perception, culture development, recruitment, service development and delivery, as the Accordwest team strive for their clients to be more engaged, connected and resilient, building their abilities to live strong, independent, meaningful lives.


Reaching out to update brochures 6 years ago via a web enquiry, Accordwest have used inkling in an ongoing full-service agency engagement since then. Focussed on customers by nature, clients didn’t fully get this sense because marketing communications at that time simply explained what their products and services were. While technically correct, marketing efforts fell short with fallout looking like low engagement and loss of opportunity to positively affect peoples’ lives. Accordwest were looking to take a step up.

The magic of
Success Based Thinking

Inkling recognised injecting customer insights would go leaps and bounds to having clients feel like Accordwest was the right agency to support them in an understanding way. The communications challenge wasn’t another me2 product description, it was the uncovery of critical success factors that make Accordwest a better client choice. Inkling guided Accordwest through a realisation through discovery Brand Strategy process, introducing the agency to customer focussed messaging as part of a new website build (Brand Story not web copy). To this day, effectiveness looks like all stakeholder groups more quickly getting a handle on how the agency can support in tailored ways. The benefits of insight injection ripples beyond clients into the team; changing external facing communications positively impacts roles and satisfaction shifting the focus from barriers to solutions.

Discovering what people really think; client research project

To their absolute credit, Accordwest understand the uniqueness of local characteristics. What people think and feel in Western Australia’s Southwest is likely to be distinct to people Perth, or Karratha. With a plan to build numbers for Foster Carers, Accordwest reached to out to inkling to embark on a client research project using our Success Based Thinking methodology; the intent? to discover the differences between good and great. If Accordwest are to attract more, well qualified Foster Carers, simply describing the role of a Foster Carer is less likely to inspire, attract and recruit shining candidates. The agency needed to identify and understand the characteristics of a High Performing Carer if they are to attract the most suitable future Foster Carers. Our research project uncovered 3 universal characteristics high performing foster carers possess. The insights were used to augment departmental understandings, translated into a grass roots media campaign to inspire new foster carers and have them choose Accordwest as their agency of choice.



Powerful, heartfelt messaging injected with human insights beyond stereotypes demonstrates Accordwest appreciate what is going on in their clients lives; the result is people feel like they are in the right place, making Accordwest a better, more intuitive choice.


Your journey of discovery begins now. Let us know what problem you need solving and we’ll get in touch to talk next steps in your brand strategy.

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