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Every Jackson McDonald story is a result of collaboration; a partnership built upon definitive conversations, mutual understanding and an ability to make the complex simple. For 100 years, JacMac have provided advice which is fit for purpose because they are not only lawyers; they are trusted advisors. The firm are the people in your corner, completely committed to a clients’ cause with the foresight to focus on what matters most to you. Confusion and uncertainty are replaced with confidence and clarity.


100 YEARS, 100% HERE

Jackson McDonald approached us with a finely tuned question: nearing 100 years celebrations, how do we remain relevant in a changing market as technology and new entrants’ shape client expectations? Was it simple language change, or was there more at stake? If the firm were to set in motion a path for the coming 100 years the project was beyond a bit of copy polishing.

The magic of
Success Based Thinking

Success Based Thinking invites organisations to step outside themselves, bringing new information to the fore marrying up what clients hold important as they choose a provider with organisational peak performance IP factors. If the intent of our work is to positively shape a market, making the same marketing appeals as others do is not only lazy thinking, it risks creating market the very convergence we seek to disrupt. In the case of Law (sector), it’s a high stakes environment: oftentimes, things are on the line when you need lawyer. Add to this pricing, that legalese is not plain English and perceptions form of an industry who think of themselves as a special breed. Applied to JacMac, none of this is accurate. Yet, irrational perceptions were holding people back and simultaneously opening the door for smaller, newer firms to turn fear into revenue positioning themselves as “boutique” with “innovative” services delivered in an “agile” way.

Discovering what people really think; client research project

An organisation doesn’t get to 100 years without a solid dose of nous. Longevity is not simply knowing your product and delivering it well, success involves listening to changing market preferences and pivoting to meet and exceed them. With an appetite for knowledge, JacMac invited our inkling research services engaging a qualitative customer research initiative as a tool to add outside-in thinking to their rebrand. Until then, the firm had relied on industry specific yet general insights that, if followed, risked placing the firm back with the pack. While the knowledge came from a credible source, uniqueness of understanding was needed to supercharge our work. inkling knew the flow on project benefits of broadening the research pool base. Rather than narrowing participants to current clients, inkling recommended the participant pool be broadened to include people from all stages of a sales cycle (Prospective Client, Current Client, Ex-Client and Referrers). This decision broadened research metrics allow us to gain 360’ perspectives; prospective clients provide comparative external decision-making criteria, current clients explained their reasons for staying loyal, ex-clients could explain any reasons they no longer engage the firm, and referrers explaining the factors that give them confidence and trust to continue work in.


The research project observed 3 deeper client needs present in all participants, irrespective of sales position. The insights were accepted by JacMac, woven into our brand, sales, creative and document development work, and used by the firm as evidence to ensure customer experience principles shine above market competitors.


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